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  1. /sigh I really didn't want to have to create yet another account, but it looks like I need to step in and clear up some confusion. `alfred-emoji` does not get directly edited within Alfred. Therefore, there is no need to keep the "real info.plist" around in the repository. Yes, it is ***very*** frustrating that Alfred's info.plist schema is not documented anywhere and to add new things (e.g. a hotkey item) requires tinkering around in Alfred to figure out what it does to the plist. But it's far easier to do that tinkering and then migrate the differences to the *very rarely* changing source XML than it is to constantly try to keep the "real info.plist" in sync with the source repository. In short: I setup the repository as an actual project and not some poke-and-prod thing that Alfred workflow development necessitates. Typical Alfred workflow developers may not like that, but I will take the benevolent dictator approach and reject any change to the contrary.
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