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  1. While this trick sounds interesting, I would imagine a more integrated way of showing the output of some workflow directly in Alfred. I made a quick mockup of what I would imagine it looking. The idea is that you can show (generated) images or as in the attached example websites directly in Alfred. This would be especially useful if you just want to look up something quickly.
  2. Yes, I know that. That's why I put this request in the Feature Suggestions Category.
  3. With output I mean a similar behavior as showing contacts or showing the contexts of a folder. My idea would be that you have a workflow for wikipedia as an example but instead of opening a web browser a new view (like the contacts one) opens with the mobile version of the particular wikipedia article. I hope that clarified things. If not please ask more questions. P.S.: I'm new to creating workflows in Alfred. I just experimented a bit with simple workflows.
  4. Hello, while I love the ease of use of alfred and the great workflows created by the community, there is one thing missing for me to make Alfred perfect. It would be cool it were possible to output html or an image when a user presses enter on an item. This would be great for showing information on the web like wikipedia, imdb or wolfram alpha. It would also enable output that is more visually pleasing than plain old text output. I know that the not longer maintained Flashlight (https://github.com/nate-parrott/Flashlight) had this feature. Cheers Leon
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