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  1. You're right, I didn't know I had to do that. Thanks! Adding a Fallback Search trigger to the workflow causes 'Workflow Trigger' to be available in the Fallback Search setup dialog: ... which causes "Log this" to appear in the list of fallback results, which is what I wanted:
  2. From reading the documentation, it seems possible to add a workflow as a fallback result, but I seem to be missing something. In my case, I have created a nice little workflow that just takes whatever text I have entered, and appends it to a text file. Now, I can invoke this workflow by typing log <my text> which works fine. But I'd like to avoid having to enter 'log' - ideally I'd just enter the text, and select the 'log' action, just like I do with e.g. Google search. I thought I could set this up under Alfred Preferences -> Features ->
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