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  1. One exception to this rule is you can change the casing to your most recent clipboard item using snippets Example: {clipboard:lowercase} will turn: HeLLO HoW aRE You? to: hello how are you? Note that there are some advanced scripting features you may be able to do using workflows. But I'm not familiar with their capabilities and may require a bit of savvy to setup.
  2. I have no idea how hard these things will be but here are the two things that would make this AWEOMSE! Save song to library (concern: either include notif or make sure that it's not just a binary on/off command to prevent unsaving songs you forgot you saved) Add to playlist (a default playlist would minimally suffice, select playlist as second command would be EPIC) Add to queue
  3. LOL - yes, thank you. That's what I meant... brain fart. Awesome, I think that will make everyone's life easier
  4. Would probably help avoid some confusion if Evernote could update the link on this article: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/productivity/evernote-with-alfred-workflows It currently points to an outdated version of the workflow that causes the problems described here recently (since High Sierra it seems). They could just point to the forum post for up to date info.
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