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  1. Hi, I realized that when I run a workflow with includes an open file action it runs well but after running the workflow the clipboard content is modified and the name of the file is added to it. For example: 1. I copy to clipboard the word "Alfred" 2. I run an Alfred workflow to open in TextEdit a selected file in Finder called "document.txt" 3. The workflow works well and TextEdit open "document" file 4. I paste clipboard's content in TextEdit or any other app and it types "document" instead of "Alfred" The same problem occurs when I use an Applescript to open files. Im using the latest version(2.0.2) Thanks in advance and excuse my limited English
  2. Thank you very much Andrew, problem resolved. I didnt know it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. I have created a workflow to assign a hotkey to a custom file filter searching but when I select any item, for example an app and then I press enter the app doesnt run. I dont know if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong but always I use my own custom searchs I need to press the left arrow and then press open action due to this problem.
  4. Thanks David, I already know that I can do a quick file search by hitting cmd+space but I prefer a shortcut like option+space to do this because I use the file search a lot and I think that press option+space is more efficient for my way of working. I have tried to create a workflow with this Applescript but It doesnt work properly: tell application "System Events" key down {option} key code 49 key up {option} end tell tell application "System Events" key code 49 end tell It would be nice if there were an action to activate Alfred. Thanks for your help David and sorry for my low level English.
  5. Hi, It would be nice for me that I can activate an Alfred file search with a custom shortcut like command+[space] I prefer use this than Spotlight. have created my own workflow for this but it doesnt work properly. I dont know bash, php or other programming languages...so I think that something like this would be a great solution:
  6. In Mac OSX you can use a second copy/paste way fort text, kill and yank. You can select any text and then hit Control+K to copy the text and then to copy the clipboard text you only need to hit Control+y, it has some limitations but maybe can solve your problem. (I don't speak English very well, sorry)
  7. +1 I am using this Applescript meanwhile in my workflows tell application "System Events" key down {option} key code 49 key up {option} end tell tell application "System Events" key code 49 end tell I just wanted a shortcut to open file searches in Alfred without press spacebar or ', so I created a Workflow with a hotkey trigger and a run app action and then I selected my applescript application to open, I tried with an Applescript action in Alfred but it doesn't work. I hope this helps. (I don't speak English very well, sorry)
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    I have tried to copy the style of my Alfred v1 theme, the result:
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