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  1. Thanks for kopischke's hint. This workflow is using AppleScript to click the "Merge All Windows" menu item of Finder. So just change the line below to make it work in other language.
  2. Please check [system Preferences] - [security & Privacy] - [Accessibility] - [Allow the apps below to control your computer.] Make the Alfred 2 checked and try again.
  3. Hi guys. The build-in Finder tab feature is awesome in Mavericks. And here is a little workflow to merge all current Finder windows into one single window with tabs. Hope it can help. Download it.
  4. Nice idea! I'm thinking about what can I do with this framework.
  5. Hi guys, Here I made a workflow for opening specified device and version of iOS Simulator. Github Download directly. Type "ios device"/"ios version" and it will load device/version data from iOS Simulator menu. Hope it helps.
  6. Wonderful workflow David! Thank you very much! And is it possible to filter folder/files not just using the name but also the spotlight comment of them?
  7. Very helpful workflow, Thanks for sharing.
  8. This is awesome for AppleScripter like me! Very useful HELPER! Thanks! Very powerful helper! I've tried it carefully and learned a lot. It's time to update all my workflow!
  9. Thanks for the correction!
  10. Better than my workflow. Thanks Sebastian!
  11. Choose a VPN from your configured VPN list to connect/disconnect it. Download: https://github.com/superkam/Alfred2_VPNToggle
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