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  1. Hi @vitor Thanks! I'm running a webserver with a bunch of photos and composer packages. I have decided to package the workflow without the codebase and pull it in as part of a setup action in the workflow, this keeps the file down to a few kilobytes Nd solves the problem I also had the same 'issue' duplicating the workflow. No progress bar / loading icon despite it actually working away behind the scenes. Obviously it's ideal to keep the file size down so its not really a problem for me anymore. Thanks for the response.
  2. Hi there, I'm wondering if there is, or should be some sort of progress bar for exporting a workflow? I have one with quite a large codebase and having a few issues exporting it. When I hit export the dialog disappears, but nothing appears in the specified directory. I thought it was completely broken, but then I looked in the directory maybe 10 minutes later and there was the file there, and at about 100mb. Strangely, when I quite Alfred Preferences the file was removed. I noticed that the Alfred Preferences process was using a lot of CPU so I assumed tha
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