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  1. Hello! The script worked for many years but since a while I have the exact same problem as so others here, related to subs (or something failing because of them). "[11:55:42.931] DownVid[Script Filter] {"rerun":1,"items":[{"title":"DownVid Progress","subtitle":"ffmpeg There re't y subtites t embe / Making Gundam - The Inside Story (NHK World Documentary) (2019).f136.mp4","valid":false,"mods":{"ctrl":{"valid":true},"cmd":{"valid":true}}}]}" This error is on loop at then end of the dl of any video (depending of the video, ofc... you get the point...) This is from a new Mac Mini 2018, fresh brew install, iTerm2 & everthing are fine, I use 10 other workflows without issues. Updated to the latest workflow (1.22.10 ?) Sed / awk & YT DL seems fine, command line do work. and ~ ❯❯❯ youtube-dl --version 2019.08.02 I'm running out of ideas, If I can provide more information to help the debugging, please tell me what to send. Thanks again for that awesome script anyway. I hope to fix it. EDIT: damn ok so it seems the variable for the path need to be the full path now. Somehow it was only "desktop" for me and stopped working. Full path is ok now. I do still have a problem: the merge with audio "best" will only make mp4 while youtube-dl will make a mkv. I think I saw something about that, being a YTDL issue, but if you have more information to force mkv, please do tell. Have a good day!
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