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  1. Hi!!! First of all, thanks for the workflow. Any way to add a reminder to a existing note? Tks!
  2. Hi... any way to set a reminder to a specific date? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, Vitor... I think you didn't get the problem... Let's imagine you're reading a document in the preview app. Without leaving the Preview, how to move the file to another folder? Maybe using apple script to simulate click in File -> Move To... -> ... ... any suggestion? Thanks a lot, Fabio
  4. Hi, folks! Any idea on how to use alfred to move a file opened in Preview to a new folder (i'd like to choose that new folder)?? Thanks a lot! Fabio
  5. Many thanks, Deanish!!!! Here is the code I wrote... if you have any improvement, please let us know!! on run set the clipboard to "{query}" as text tell application "Calendar" to activate delay 0.5 tell application "System Events" keystroke "n" using {command down} keystroke "v" using {command down} keystroke return delay 0.5 keystroke return key code 48 using {command down} end tell return "{query}" end run
  6. Hi, Folks! What is the best way (or possible) to add quick events to Mac calendar (or maybe to Google one) by using Alfred? I meant, using natural language... (e.g., meet with John tomorrow at 5 pm) I've found some old workflows, but they seem not to be working properly. Thanks a lot, Fabio.
  7. Hi!! How to get the response of the "confirm" dialog to, for example, continue to execute an apple script after executing a system command? Regards, Fabio
  8. Hi, Any news on this topic? I meant, don't allow Alfred copying passwords from LastPass browser plugin to the clipboard?
  9. Hi, So, there is no way to use groups and replace something matched by \1 or $1 using Replace Utility?
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