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  1. Hi! Thanks for the prompt replies! I thought it was possible to select which files I'd like to copy from A to B by using the interface of the automation (Copy with Finder). What I really need: imagine a folder containing a variety of file types, and the task is to establish a workflow to selectively retrieve only three or four specific PDF documents from there. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, folks!!! I'm trying to use the 'copy with finder' automation task to copy several files from one folder to another. It works fine with just one file, even though I think it is possible to specify more than one in the interface... How can I do that?? Thanks a lot!! 😉
  3. Hi, Vitor. Sorry for being not so clear. Some posts above, you mention "Now you’ll get feedback when typing the new name,". So, I thought the workflow would suggest names, based in some rules. For example: 1. original filename: 'some name for this file.pdf' 2. when using your workflow, it could suggest some different names: - 'Some Name for This file.pdf' - 'SOME NAME FOR THIS FILE.PDF' - 'some-name-for-this-file' Thanks! Fabio P.S.: How about allowing the use of another workflow to make these transformations an 'input' for your workflow?
  4. Hi! How do you get the 'feedback' on the new name? I'm trying, for example, renaming a filename with spaces, and it would be great to get a suggestion for the new name... Thanks!!
  5. Hi, Any new workflow to make FaceTime with Alfred?
  6. Hello!! I think Alfred could help me to solve my "problem"... 🙂 Since passworded pdf files contents are not indexed by Evernote, I noticed that many pdfs that I receive as receipts (by email) and send directly from Gmail (using forward filters) to Evernote are not being indexed. I meant the content of these encrypted pdf files. Ok, so far, so good... I understand the reasons. However, I'd like to remove these passwords to get their contents searchable. It's essential to point out that I do have these passwords. My first idea was to select the notes in Evernote and run an Applescript (maybe via Alfred??) exporting pdfs from each note, removing the password by using, for example, "qpdf" and reimporting it. Is there any easy way to apply this over a bunch of notes? I really appreciate any help you can provide. Ps.: Alfred Powerpack user, using Evernote Legacy and MacOS Monterey.
  7. Hi!!! First of all, thanks for the workflow. Any way to add a reminder to a existing note? Tks!
  8. Hi... any way to set a reminder to a specific date? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, Vitor... I think you didn't get the problem... Let's imagine you're reading a document in the preview app. Without leaving the Preview, how to move the file to another folder? Maybe using apple script to simulate click in File -> Move To... -> ... ... any suggestion? Thanks a lot, Fabio
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