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  1. Hi dfay, I did try that before, via Onyx and the terminal, but it didn't work. However, after you suggested it, I tried it again - Although initially I got the same result as before, I then tried the following variation: sudo mdutil -i off /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user sudo mdutil -i on I then went into Alfred and Clicked on Rebuild macOS Metadata, ticking the 'Delete /.Spotlight-V100' for good measure. It now looks like it's re
  2. I've asked this in the Apple Forums with no response, so I thought I'd ask here in case someone could shed some light on it. The problem actually started with newer apps being installed not coming up in Alfred search results. So, I went into Preferences and cleared the Application Cache, followed by Rebuild MacOS Metadata. This kicked off Spotlight indexing again, but when it finished I could no longer see any results for local applications, folders or files. All I get back are results from the Workflows and Features. I then checked the same in Spotlight, and got the sa
  3. Old post, but just adding this here in case it helps someone (thanks for the scripts by the way!). It's easy enough to change the scripts so it doesn't have to be an exact match of the URL. Just change the following line: if url of theTab is q then to this: if q is in url of theTab then
  4. Just a head up... I sent a support request to LastPass (I'm a paid up member), and this was their response: Ah well...
  5. Hi Vero / Andrew, That makes total sense now. Although, I don't normally use Dash's snippet expansion, I thought I'd just try that with the LastPass plugin too. It appears that LastPass is affecting its snippet expansion too! So, it's definitely not isolated to Alfred. I apologise for not doing this earlier. It's only just occurred to me now to try it, after your replies. Really sorry for giving you the runaround with this! Cheers, Tarique.
  6. Hi Vero, I'm afraid it's still exhibiting the same problems on the new build (663). What I might do is prise one of my kids Macbooks off them and test on that. I'm wondering why the issue isn't reproducible on your machines, so makes me think there's something else at play here. Actually, while I'm at it, I'll try under a new user account too. If you can wait until tomorrow, that'd be great. 2.30am here, and I've already turned into a pumpkin. Time for bed!
  7. Hi Vero, - To bring up the LastPass menu, I just click on the toolbar icon. Comes up all the time, regardless of the page being displayed. Not sure why this isn't working for you? - I don't have any hotkeys set up in LastPass. I just click on the toolbar icon to work with it. - OSX 10.11.5 / Safari 9.1.1 (11601.6.17) / LastPass 4.1.1 - Other plugins installed: Adblock Plus 1.11 / Evernote Web Clipper 6.7 / Pinbar 2.78 / Save to pocket 1.9.19 / LiveReload 2.1.0 ​Weird Discovery... Now, I was wondering why you couldn't recreate it at your end, so I started to do some digging
  8. Hi Andrew, Just upgraded. Unfortunately, that one still has the problem. Weird one this. Not sure why I can make it happen all the time. I wonder if there's something else at play here too? I did uninstall lastPass and cleaned out all the prefs, etc for the same. Re-installed, and it still exhibited the same issues. Very confused now! Cheers, Tarique.
  9. Hi Andrew, I'm afraid that doesn't fix the issue for me. As mentioned in my email, I can make this happen every time by bringing up the LastPass menu in Safari (make sure you're logged in first though to bring this up! The password dropbox doesn't affect the snippets, only the menu once it's logged in). Did you try the same at your end? Cheers, Tarique.
  10. Ok. Looks like my hunch was right. The LastPass Safari plugin is the problem. I can make it happen every time... Snippets work fine until I bring up the LastPass menu in Safari. Happens every time. Disabling/enabling the plugin and the snippets start working again. I've also tried this on Chrome, but that doesn't appear to affect the snippets. So, it's only the Safari version of the plugin that this happens with. I've attached a gif to illustrate this. As you can see, I'm using a test snippet '!h' which brings up "Hello, this is a snippet". It works, then I bring up the LastPass menu, an
  11. Right. Update on my findings. I had contacted Support (as mentioned in my last post) and they had asked me to close apps one by one until it started working again, assuming it's a conflict with one of the apps. So, that's what I did this time, when it finally happened again (took 2 days this time!) I managed to narrow it down to Safari (or at least one of the extensions within). By snippets started working again once I closed Safari (and re opened). The next time this happens instead of closing Safari, I'll disable the Safari extensions one by one to see if it's any of them that are ca
  12. Not a problem. I'll get the all the info emailed to you asap... But also answer some of those points here, allowing others to compare their answers: - Whether you're encountering the issue in all apps, or only certain apps All apps. Once it happens, I open up a blank plain text document to test with, when enabling / disabling features as part of diagnosing the problem. - What snippet keywords you're using and in what context you're writing it My main one is '!e' which I use to auto expand to my email address: 'tarique@<domain.com>'. I then try all the others in an open te
  13. I'm having the similar issues to 'stever777'... In my case snippets generally work, but for some unknown reason (and seemingly at random) they stop auto expanding. Of course, I have ALL the necessary settings in place. In fact I go back and unset, and reset the Accessibility settings, restarting alfred, unchecking/checking 'Automatically expand snippets'. This has happened on two occasions today already. The only way to get snippets working again is to either restart, or log out and back in again. So, *something* is stopping the snippets from working after a while. Mac is r
  14. Actually a GB is 1024MB in real terms. Take it from a programmer with over 25 years experience. This confusion has only come about because of HD manufacturers who resorted to measure GB as 1000MB to make their capacities seem larger than they actually were. More a marketing thing than anything. This is why when you get info from your PC on HD space it always comes to lower than whats written on the sticker, as the PC is measuring it properly, in base 2. As a conversion, I'd recommend sticking to the base 2 definition. That's what computers work with
  15. I know it's been a while, but I just grabbed this workflow with the same issue as you, Buja. Not sure why the author hasnt replied to you, but it's simple enough to fix, if you don't mind digging into the Python script. Go to the Convert Currency workflow. Double click the Script Filter, then click on 'Open Workflow Folder' in the dialog that comes up. A Finder window will pop up. In there, you need to edit the 'filelist.py' script. A few lines down, in that script, you'll see: dir_path = '~/Desktop/test/' Change this line to: dir_path = 'test/' And save the file. This will now
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