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  1. Hi dfay, I did try that before, via Onyx and the terminal, but it didn't work. However, after you suggested it, I tried it again - Although initially I got the same result as before, I then tried the following variation: sudo mdutil -i off /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user sudo mdutil -i on I then went into Alfred and Clicked on Rebuild macOS Metadata, ticking the 'Delete /.Spotlight-V100' for good measure. It now looks like it's re
  2. I've asked this in the Apple Forums with no response, so I thought I'd ask here in case someone could shed some light on it. The problem actually started with newer apps being installed not coming up in Alfred search results. So, I went into Preferences and cleared the Application Cache, followed by Rebuild MacOS Metadata. This kicked off Spotlight indexing again, but when it finished I could no longer see any results for local applications, folders or files. All I get back are results from the Workflows and Features. I then checked the same in Spotlight, and got the sa
  3. Actually a GB is 1024MB in real terms. Take it from a programmer with over 25 years experience. This confusion has only come about because of HD manufacturers who resorted to measure GB as 1000MB to make their capacities seem larger than they actually were. More a marketing thing than anything. This is why when you get info from your PC on HD space it always comes to lower than whats written on the sticker, as the PC is measuring it properly, in base 2. As a conversion, I'd recommend sticking to the base 2 definition. That's what computers work with
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