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  1. Tsunami

    Autocomplete words from a textfile?

    As @deanishe's screenshot explains, you need a variable with the name BIBFILE. The value is the path to the file.
  2. It's not down. The domain is probably blocked on your end, which would explain why the workflow is no longer working for you. The workflow simply calls a PHP script on that domain and displays the result.
  3. Still works fine here. Make sure you use the latest version from http://units.dnsu.ch/download.
  4. You can press Fn+Delete to delete invidual clipboard items.
  5. Tsunami

    Disable Google/Amazon/Wikipedia search?

  6. It would be nice if we could enter a URL with a from and to clause and press Enter to open https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=<from>&tl=<to>&u=<url> in the browser, to quickly translate webpages.
  7. Tsunami

    Help navigating to the correct folder

    If you know the full path it might be quicker to just type: ~ gd <Enter> curr <Enter> ny
  8. Tsunami

    Color of text selection in themes

    Did you click on the search text while holding down Fn? The title of the color window should change to "Search Font Selected Color".
  9. Thanks, I've updated the title and post to hopefully clarify that the issue is with the macOS version check, not with the workflow using an incompatible Python library.
  10. v3.6.1 [909] - macOS 10.13.4 After upgrading to macOS 10.13.4 I got this screen for one of my workflows. It says the Python library is incompatible with macOS 10.12.4+, however this message didn't show up on macOS 10.13.0 - 10.13.3. So I believe the comparison for the macOS version is incorrect.
  11. Tsunami

    No saving of search ?

    When you check “Show latest query if within 5 minutes” and open Alfred, the search field will be prefilled with the last query that you used, if that query was used in the last 5 minutes. I don’t know how Alfred decides when to store a query. I do notice that sometimes a query isn’t stored, but I can’t say they are very different from what I typed.
  12. Tsunami

    Find Folders in Finder

    Your sample works fine for me, did you maybe add a lot of folders to your search scopes?
  13. Tsunami

    No saving of search ?

    As explained below the "Store typed query" option, your last 20 queries will be stored indefinitely. Just open Alfred and press the up arrow to go through them.
  14. Tsunami

    [SOLVED] custom search from a list

    You can use a List Filter input connected to an Open URL action. For each List Filter item, set Title and Arg to the name of the label. Subtitle is optional. Then set the URL for the Open URL action to "https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#label/{query}".
  15. Tsunami

    Mapping arguments in Workflows

    Have you tried setting Title to "product3" and Arg to the URL? (Subtitle is optional.) When I do that and type "wcp product3" in Alfred, the result shows up. Note that if you drop a CSV file onto the list, it will not update the existing items, it will just add the items as duplicates. So you need to delete all the existing items first. Have you considered using a Script Filter which reads the items from an external file, be it CSV, JSON, or whatever? That way your team doesn't have to muck about with Alfred's UI or your script to update the items. This file could even be retrieved from a webserver, so that any changes are immediately visible to your entire team.