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  1. ⌃F2 works just fine for me to reveal the menu bar while in a fullscreen app. What version of macOS do you have?
  2. On https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/clipboard/dynamic-placeholders/, below the first image is a list. The "Workflow variables" item links to #variables, but the corresponding <h2>Including Workflow Variables</h2> is missing id="variables".
  3. Tsunami

    Applications are not found and can't launch

    Have you followed these troubleshooting steps?
  4. You can right-click on the .alfredpreferences file and click Show Package Contents to see what's taking up the space.
  5. It contains all your preferences, snippets, themes and workflows.
  6. Tsunami

    System Commands not executing in Alfred

    The window in the top right is Spotlight, not Alfred. You need to invoke Alfred and type "logout" there.
  7. Tsunami

    Generate Passwords Workflow

    Which theme is that? It looks great.
  8. Tsunami

    What themes are you using?

    I still love Simple Dark.
  9. Tsunami

    Input is overwritten

    For 1, go to Alfred Preferences > Features > File Search and uncheck "Enable Quick File Search mode". This has been a feature for years.
  10. Yes, you can use a Script Filter or Run Script object and choose from several scripting languages to write a switch block. Just return the corresponding URL and connect it to an Open URL object.
  11. I'm Dutch, and the Up and Down arrows don't scroll through the input options for me. The Left and Right arrows do, but that doesn't conflict with Alfred. But why not press the number next to the word? It seems faster than using the arrow keys and pressing Enter.
  12. Variables aren't evaluated inside single quotes. Try double quotes: curl -H "Authorization: Fooapp-authtoken $API_KEY" https://fooapp.com/api/contacts
  13. @pauljacobson did you see my previous post? I believe the workflow I uploaded does what you want, without a snippet or even a shell command. I agree that depending on what you're copying to the clipboard (is it just a few words or entire walls of text?), it may be better to use something else to store the variables that are in the text.
  14. @nikivi click on the green Command symbol with the up arrow above it, on the far right of the Hotkey field. Go to "Trigger behaviour" and select "Pass through modifier keys (Fastest)". That's what Andrew meant.