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  1. This is great, thank you so much! One question, I am trying to augment this to duplicate a file first before renaming it. I am able to duplicate the file, but I can't figure out how to rename the duplicated file, it always renames the original file? Is there a simple one to do duplicate the file first and rename the duplicate? thanks so much! -------------------- Update: I was able to find a work around by creating a hotkey for this workflow, and then creating a separate workflow that executes a key combo to duplicate a file, then another key combo for this workflows hotkey. Whew. Bit of a round about, but it works! I was also able to make a tiny edit to the bash script to remove the 'copy' in the duplicated file name as well. Thanks again for the great workflow!
  2. Would there be an easy way to have this hide the file extension? I'm only ever really renaming the file itself, and would be a bit easier if it did not show the file extension, but just the file name... Thanks for the great workflow!
  3. I was able to get this working using the Alfred keystroke function. 🤦‍♂️ I was not able to make it work at first, but realized I needed to add the keystroke output to my initial hotkey action with a delay. (In case anyone ever has as similar confusion.) Best tool ever!! 🖤
  4. Hopefully I'm asking this correctly... I'm wondering if there is a way to have Alfred automatically enter/submit my command after using a hotkey? So my hotkey is setup to open Alfred with the correct command and argument, and then I press enter to submit it and run. I'm wondering if there is a way to have Alfred automatically press enter for me? So I would just press the hotkeys, Alfred would open with the command ready and then submit it on its own. I know it is just one extra key press, but figured I'd ask and see. 😁Be a nice little time save for some commands I use (particularly ones to play/pause music). Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the tips. Was thinking of using a text doc I can just open from Alfred and writing them down on my desk. I actually found your othe rpost and am using that for workflow keywords and it's great! Thanks!
  6. Bit of a newb to Workflows, but do I need to set this up or something to work? I have installed it, but it just says "contacting getpocket.com"? - Update - Was in issue with my work network/machine, all is good on a different machine/network.
  7. Is there a native function (or a workflow) to list all the native Alfred hotkeys, keywords, etc that I have on? I have found a handful of workflows that will list commands and hotkeys for added workflows, but as a newer Alfred user I have a hard time remembering the native hotkeys and commands. I keep having to open preferences to see the hotkeys for file actions and such, would be great if I could just remember one command to list all these as I learn them over time. Apologies if this has been discussed before, searched around but could not find anything. This would be super helpful for a newb like me. Thanks!!
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