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  1. Thanks for the tips. Was thinking of using a text doc I can just open from Alfred and writing them down on my desk. I actually found your othe rpost and am using that for workflow keywords and it's great! Thanks!
  2. Bit of a newb to Workflows, but do I need to set this up or something to work? I have installed it, but it just says "contacting getpocket.com"? - Update - Was in issue with my work network/machine, all is good on a different machine/network.
  3. Is there a native function (or a workflow) to list all the native Alfred hotkeys, keywords, etc that I have on? I have found a handful of workflows that will list commands and hotkeys for added workflows, but as a newer Alfred user I have a hard time remembering the native hotkeys and commands. I keep having to open preferences to see the hotkeys for file actions and such, would be great if I could just remember one command to list all these as I learn them over time. Apologies if this has been discussed before, searched around but could not find anything. This would be super helpful for a newb like me. Thanks!!
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