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  1. Awesome, this works exactly like I wanted it to. Thanks for helping out with this!
  2. Ah I see, my bad. I meant the graphic to just display the vertical spacing but I should have considered what else it implied. It would be great if you could add a distance from the right edge of the screen also. So just to clarify, the windows are equally spaced vertically from the centre of the screen but also a set distance from the right side of the screen. If this is a pain to do, I would just appreciate them being spaced vertically from the centre if nothing else. Thanks again, I owe you :D.
  3. Evenly spaced from the centre of the screen vertically. So like in the diagram I sent, the windows are both the same vertical distance from the centre of the screen. I thought it was clear that they are not evenly space horizontally. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks so much! This is fantastic. I know this is even more to ask of you, but is there any way to have the windows spaced evenly from the center of the screen? https://imgur.com/a/qfolH Shows basically what I'm looking for. Any thoughts?
  5. I guess I'd prefer to change the default size. I'm confused though as when I open a new finder window it's the size I want, but when I run the script, the windows are much bigger. So I don't think they're using the default size?
  6. @deanishe Thanks for writing it all out, it's a massive help as I really don't know a thing about AppleScript. I've put the script into Alfred but it's not working as it should. It's opening both windows but they're too tall. The bottom one does start in the right place (right under the top one) but it goes below the screen boundaries. Any ideas why this is happening?
  7. So I've been trying to make this workflow for a while but I can't find any answers online and I'm not nearly skilled enough to do it myself. I currently use a few alfred workflows to open certain folders that I use for my work. A lot of the time I need to open more than one of these folders and I usually put them on right side of my screen, one above the other. I've already set up a new workflow to open two finder windows but it just opens two windows on top of each other. This is fine really, but I'd like to make a workflow that would arrange the windows without me doing it. Is there anyway of doing this?
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