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  1. Hey @deanishe I was attempting to go with what appears to be the preferred way and save my script as a file and just call it from within an run script action. The problem is none of my arguments/variables are being passed to the script... The script works fine, but it just ignores the q1 and q2. Here's what my new run script looks like. All the iTerm stuff from before has been abstracted to ht.applescript. Thanks in advance for the help man!
  2. Well, I still know more about Javascript than AppleScript. Mostly I used Alfred in combination with Bash scripts to speed up repetitive web dev tasks. This is first time I've tried to use it to, say, open a new tab in iTerm. But that's good to know. I really appreciate the help!
  3. Cool. I didn't know you could use other languages to manipulate apps... I'll have to look into that.
  4. That's awesome. That's so simple. How do I learn more about this? Like, I would never have reasoned my way to that conclusion. Is there documentation somewhere? Specifically, I'm talking about "theWords", "item 1", "word 1", etc... Is that specific to AppleScript or is that specific to Alfred? Just trying to narrow my search to learn more about this stuff... Thanks again.
  5. Thanks @deanishe. That was exactly what I was looking for. However, the problem I'm running into now is that neither word can have a dash in it... Is there a simple workaround for that or is it a whole different thing? Here's a link to the workflow as it stands right now.
  6. Thanks. That totally makes sense. I'm sure I'm using the wrong terminology. The thing I'm uncertain of is how to get from Keyword, to AppleScript, where I would use write: set x to word 1 of “{query}” set y to word 2 of “{query}” I'm new to Alfred 3, so I'm still trying to figure out the Args and Vars. For example, I read through this post: and one of the replies used this graphic (red highlighting is mine): What is going on in the "store input in var project"? What information do I put into the Args and Vars utility to make th
  7. Thanks in advance for the help! I'm trying to pass two (or multiple) variables to AppleScript. For example, “keyword query1 query2” and then get both arguments into AppleScript. Or something like “keyword query1^query2” and then split them. I feel like I’m almost there, but missing something… I guess I should add that I’m using Alfred 3.5.1 with Powerpack. I read this article: but my dumb brain couldn’t figure it out… Any help would be greatly appreciated. My use case for this particular workflow is AppleScipt, but I'd be interested in knowing how to do the sam
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