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  1. Oh ok, i think i missunderstood something. i wont press the keys for a screenshot, i will do it with alfred. Ctrl+shift+c is working well but i will open alfred and type a keyword for that because i do screenshots in very different ways every day and if that is working i can also generate keywords for capturing videos (newest version of snagit supports screencapturing video). Screen1 Screen2 Screen3 br
  2. Sry but for me its not working, if i try this i will be able to select it from the alfred hud but if i press ENTER nothing happens... i cant screenshot the alfred app, so i cant provide a screenshot :'( tell application "Snagit" to activate tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using {shift down, control down} end tell Shift and Control are right and C also, it is working without alfred and snagit is running. ...
  3. Sry, i think it was a misunderstanding: I mean, i will set a Hotkey for "New Note from Clipboard" and "New Note from Text Selection. << seriously, i cant set pictures here >> If i set it to none, only the Alfred prompt comes out. In other workflows i can set the Argument to Text and the indicator for the options. Is this also possible in your Workflow? Best regards and thx
  4. Perfect work, one simple question: What is the text initiation for the functions? I will shortcut "New Evernote from clipboard" and text selection. Best regards
  5. Nice and awesome work.... thanks. one little thing: is there a possibility to extend existing todos?
  6. Hi, the Spotify workflow is not working on my mac, any questions why? if i try to use it, nothing happens.
  7. AWESOME thats what i really searching since a couple of month without any apps (except alfred ;-)) and customizations. THANKS Also special thanks: Now i know how to set Hotkeys on every workflow
  8. Nice Workflow, i love it. I`m not the biggest coder, is there a possibility to use "Capture Interactive to Clipboard" on a Hotkey? This is in use in my daily work... Thanks BR Klaus
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