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  1. thanks well... I guess I'm calling those tags as this is exactly what I'm using them for... (tagging files for easier search).
  2. Hello World, Not sure if this was done yet. A simple workflow to tag (via a spotlight comment) any Finder selected files or folders. usage: tag <comment> -> will add <comment> into the "Spotlight Comments" field, making it searchable via Alfred/Spotlight. (using Alt will overwrite all previous comments with <comment>, default is appending <comment>. download link: http://d.pr/f/aJz8 Nir
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    yes - much better :-) flags.... I just used them manually. probably can add wolfram sub search as well... ill try
  4. using some XML goodies (and some old V1 Time scripts) http://d.pr/f/oaD6
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