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  1. No, I think it was a user not reading enough documentation bug :-) It works fine if I put <br>s in the text. (Very much my first attempts with these sorts of scripts.) On reading further, I also discovered that AirMail has introduced templates since I last looked, so I think there are at least three ways to approach this, which I'll put here in case anyone else is trying to do the same thing. 1 - use an Alfred snippet (just open a new email in your email package and type in the snippet). You could have one snippet for the subject, and another for the body.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply, and for the explanation of why it's not a great solution. I tried putting the mail body text in the script, but it lost all the carriage returns. It sounds like I should investigate further down that route. (I did also have in mind to use it as a snippet separately, but could live without that for this to work smoothly.)
  3. I want to run an Alfred command and it generate a new email for me, including text that I've already saved in a snippet. I run a martial arts club and when we get new members trying out I need to send them all the new joiner information after the session. So, the content is always the same, and the people are never in my contacts. I have got it working using a workflow as follows, which uses my snippet "mawelcome" to populate the body of the email: A keyword run a Script /usr/bin/oascript tell application "AirMail 3" set newMail to make new outgoing message
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