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  1. This is super cool. A couple quick notes for anyone installing this: - When you first run `treset` a terminal window will open running telegram-cli. - If you get an error due to missing packages the correct command for the TelegramCLI is `brew install telegram-cli` - On success you'll be asked for your telegram phone number. It must be formatted with the country code, area code, and complete number with no punctuation. - When the phone number is correct the next command is a crytic request for a code. It is looking for the code which should be sent to your Telegram account on another device. Mine was significantly delayed so it took a couple tries to figure it out.
  2. Thank you! I love the idea of Raindrop and have wanted to try it for several years. Every time I consider it I get stuck on not having my bookmarks available in Alfred. This will at least justify me trying it out. On another note: don't write off Firefox - the user base is likely much higher than you think. Many people are switching back specifically because of FF's focus on privacy and security. This means a lot of Firefox users don't show up in publicly available statistics. And even in tools where vanilla FF users would show up, they use other privacy tools that will hide them. I can understand not implementing the feature because of the extra work, but please don't propagate the myth that FF support isn't important.
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