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  1. Hey @vitor! First, thanks for all of the great work you contribute to Alfred and the community. Second, should this workflow mount encrypted disks and trigger the standard password prompts for the disk as you would get if you mounted the disk through Disk Utility or diskutil in the shell? I ask because in my testing, my encrypted external drives are detected by the workflow, but it silently fails to mount them and encryption seems to be the common factor. The drives work fine with Disk Utility and diskutil commands.
  2. @Andrew @HRD This issue appears to be resolved in 1Password 7.0.1. Are you still experiencing issues? Everything is working as expected for me, once again.
  3. @Andrew 1Password 7 is officially released. I have it installed along with the latest version of Alfred, but the open and autofill function is not working through Alfred. I have verified that settings are enabled in both Alfred and 1Password 7 to allow access, just as I done successfully with 1Password 6. I'm using Safari as my default browser and I reinstalled the 1Password 4.7.1 extension directly from their site and from Apple's extension gallery, but the issue persists. Any word on the status of this issue? Thanks!
  4. @Vero I have provided my email as requested. Thanks.
  5. Agreed. I know this is Microsoft's fault and not Alfred's, but would it be possible to provide a longer delay period? I think I might need to be able to delay up to 5 seconds in order to avoid this issue. I have repeatedly complained to Microsoft, but they have not responded. Alfred 3.6.1 Late 2012 MBP with macOS 10.13.4 (16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, 2.6Ghz i7 CPU) OneNote 2016 (version 16.12)
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