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  1. @Andrew @HRD This issue appears to be resolved in 1Password 7.0.1. Are you still experiencing issues? Everything is working as expected for me, once again.
  2. @Andrew 1Password 7 is officially released. I have it installed along with the latest version of Alfred, but the open and autofill function is not working through Alfred. I have verified that settings are enabled in both Alfred and 1Password 7 to allow access, just as I done successfully with 1Password 6. I'm using Safari as my default browser and I reinstalled the 1Password 4.7.1 extension directly from their site and from Apple's extension gallery, but the issue persists. Any word on the status of this issue? Thanks!
  3. @Vero I have provided my email as requested. Thanks.
  4. Agreed. I know this is Microsoft's fault and not Alfred's, but would it be possible to provide a longer delay period? I think I might need to be able to delay up to 5 seconds in order to avoid this issue. I have repeatedly complained to Microsoft, but they have not responded. Alfred 3.6.1 Late 2012 MBP with macOS 10.13.4 (16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, 2.6Ghz i7 CPU) OneNote 2016 (version 16.12)
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