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  1. I think Universal Actions are great, I've long hoped to be able to process text though Alfred like this. So thanks or this! One thing would make using them easier for me is if Alfred would get a 'Instant Send' functionality (à la Launchbar) by long pressing your default shortcut for activating Alfred. A short press would just open Alfred, a long press would send the current selection to Alfred. That way you don't have yet another key combo. So in my case I use control-tab to activate Alfred. Pressing control-tab and keeping the tab pressed for (let's say) a second would load the selection in Alfred for use with Universal Actions.
  2. Hi, I've been searching but have not found how I can do the following in the Spotify Mini Player workflow: If I've made a row of selections like: spot_mini Fleet Foxes > Browse Artist > Related Artists I've not found a way to revert back step-by-step so that I can choose some other action on Fleet Foxes or do another action in spot_mini. I always seem to have to empty the Alfred search field and typ spot_mini again. Does anyone know of a way, shortcut, how I can do these steps: spot_mini Fleet Foxes > Browse Artist > Related Artists spot_mini Fleet Foxes > Browse Artist > spot_mini Fleet Foxes > spot_mini Thanks, Jan
  3. Hi, with Launchbar I'm used to doing the following: Select text in [random app] send text via 'instant send' to Launchbar, hit Tab and type abbreviation of [app] to pass text to that app. This works great with sending selection to mail, bbedit, messages etc. Is something like this possible? Some people write in the forums that Alfred can only pass files to other apps. Is this true. Does anyone know of a way to achieve my workflow? Thanks a lot, Jan
  4. I would love a feature like this too. I'd love using Alfred but I keep going back to Launchbar for this.
  5. Hi, With Launchbar it was very easy for me to add Edovia Screens 4 recent connections to the search results. This is particularly useful for quickly starting up a remote screen connection. I've not been able to get this to work in Alfred. Hopefully someone has a clever idea how I can do that most effectively. Thanks, Jan
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