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  1. Hi, there's no download link available…again :) You've got gmail, so you've got 15Go on Google drive… Can you please give us a strong link with it ? Thanks in advance
  2. @deanishe I've install it (it need fixum but it's OK) Thanks
  3. yeap it seems to be broken… but I am still on Sierra
  4. For me, and for the moment ... this version 8.991 ... IS DOING THE JOB once again thanks a lot !
  5. I'm sorry but... with 8.9.2 / with 8.9 / with 8.7 on yosemite the shortcut "enu" no longer launches the pages in the browser I use it every day, every hour ... all the time → It works with the 8.0 on yosemite
  6. Yes, yes and Yes !!! It's works and it's perfect THANKS A LOT
  7. Hi ! I've looked through the forum and there's a lot about displaying contacts, but unfortunately I'm not sure it answers my question: I would like to search only in contacts but in any field of contact cards. I specify in all my contacts their skills (I work with a lot of Freelancers). Currently I use Alfred2 with contact and it works if I type 3 letters of a first or last name, but not if I type 'Motion' to find a motion designer whose name I can't recall. Can you help me, please
  8. GREAT !!! I use it on Fireworks ... it doesn't work very well In fact, it pastes it but with the default font, then I apply the Fontawesome and after I have to fix the width ... BUT if I copy a icon from the web or from photoshop and paste it into FWcs6 it works well : it create a text field in Fontawesome with the icon. I think it's a problem with how you handle the copy/paste
  9. YEAAAAHHH !!! It works perfectly for me. I'm so happy... THANK YOU A LOT !
  10. Hi Carlos Thanks a lot for reading me Here is my process... and a new one that I suggest humbly
  11. Hi! I would like to launch an url from evernote directly in browser using Alfred Your workflow seems to be the best way to do it. For me using evernote as a bookmark tool is better (now) than diigo or delicious. • It syncs everything • it's multi device • one place for all etc ... It's on your hardrive - so you can use a script* to search & launch Note URL ... and that without login first to your Library on Diigo or Delicious. But i'm a not able to write this script :/ Are you interested ? I was thinking about something like that : ensu @... or #... and boom
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