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  1. Thank you for the quick and thoughtful response. Thank you for the suggestion re. using a capture group. You are correct it does work and maybe my workaround, but it definitely isn't elegant. As far I can Alfred's behavior is incorrect. The perl command below returns the correct result. See pic below. perl -pe 's/[0-9]\n/*\n/g' Chris
  2. Version is Alfred v3.6 [903]. Issue is fully reproducible.
  3. I am creating my first workflow that has a regular expression that operates against a string with multiple lines. To be clear when I say multiple lines I mean there are embedded '\n' characters. The replacement doesn't seem to working correctly. See attached picture with debug output. Instead of emitting a '\n' just the letter 'n' (vs. a newline) is being emitted. I attached the full script that I am trying to replicate but that's just for context. The screenshot captures the issue with a very simple set of input text and a trivial regex. Appreciate your hel
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