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  1. Hey! Creator of alfred-emoji here. 👋 There is an issue created - issue-6 . Thanks for that. Could you please provide steps to reproduce I'd love to fix it. Best,
  2. Hi @justcharlie – it's in Workflow Configuration, it's a value named "always-offline" set it to "1". I agree that this should be clarified in the Readme. Let me know if it helps.
  3. Hello! ? I've just discovered this forum so I've realized that it would be nice share with you my small workflow for better emoji search called – Alfred Emoji. It's a really small piece of software. But you might like it! It allows you get a proper emoji based on the term you have enter. The messy stuff is done by https://getdango.com/ but I've also implemented fallback in case of offline mode to custom vocabulary. You can actually configure the workflow that it always use this offline approach, it's faster but less accurate. If you like it, please star the repo. I'd appreciate it. You can get the plain workflow here or you can install it via NPM: npm -g i alfred-emoji – you need Node.js installed on your system. MIT licensed code on GitHub repository ? Thanks! ❤️
  4. Great work! Thanks, it's very handy. I've also disabled the default "Translate" Web Search provided by Alfred – there is no need for it anymore.
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