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  1. Hi Victor, Thanks for the reply! Because I document all my manuals in the format with #mask: and then some tips. So if I do grep -A 4 \#mask usually only return one result with 5 lines of brief explanation. So it should work. (if better, could it pass two argument like mask, 6 indicating the line number? BTW, it will also be helpful to recommend other ways to check for my personal notes. Best
  2. Hi I think this should be a very simple task. 1. I have a folder: eg ~/manuals/ where I store all the different notes and manuals I write for my self. All the files ends with .man 2. I often need to check the contents of these files. eg. the usage of mask with python, etc The workflow I want is like below: 1. I want to use the keyword ??, and run sth like "?? mask" 2. and then I want to run a command line: grep -A 4 mask ~/manuals/*.man 3. I want the result to be returned to alfred and shown in the window However, I could not figure out the return part and never see the returned post notification. Could anyone help me? Thanks very much!!!
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