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  1. Hi -- I'm trying to learn how to use/create Alfred scripts myself, and would like to implement something like an auto-complete feature often found in search boxes. In particular, I'd like to prompt the user with a list of pre-defined options, but given them the option of typing in something new that isn't on the list. The List Filter appears to provide a mechanism to define a fixed list of items to pick from, but is truly restricted to only those inputs. Is there another widget type, or even an Alfred Workflows idiom, for handling the additional case of "My item is not on this list
  2. Hi -- Thank you very much for making this workflow available. Is it possible to use the workflow to quickly repeatedly add items to the same Evernote note? In particular, I'm looking to be able to quickly add without always selecting the destination note, either by pre-configuring a particular note or with a "add to the same note I most recently added to" command. Any suggestions? Ramon
  3. Hi @vitor thank you for your reply. Unfortunately i only just saw it and I think your link to the workflow may have expired -- would you re-post please? Thanks, Ramon
  4. Hi -- I'm a long time Text Expander user that has fallen in love with Alfred, and am wondering if I can do everything I need with the latter. One thing I'm still struggling with is how to implement a system to enforce consistent filen aming conventions. Basically I need a system to help me stay disciplined about naming basic PDFs (home and business records) using a convention like YYYY-MM-DD - <vendor> - <account> - <purpose> So my bills would end up being something like 2018-01-15 - ATT - XX5555 - confirmation of invoice payment.pdf I've don
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