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  1. #!/bin/sh file=$1 times=$2 x=1 while [ $x -le $times ]; do ffmpeg -ss $(echo "$x * 60" | bc -l) -i "$file" -an -vframes 1 -f image2 -vf "yadif,scale='max(sar,1)*iw':'max(1/sar,1)*ih'" image$(echo "$x").png; x=$(( $x + 1 )) done usage syntax is like this: scriptname movie.mkv 20 scriptname is the name of the file you paste the commands in, movie.mkv is the video file, number at the end is the number of screenshots you want
  2. It says app not found when I try to log in I dont like using dfs
  3. is there a way to copy the magnet so i can open it with peerflix?
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