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  1. Nice! If you want a solution that converts Markdown to PowerPoint, automating the conversion of SVG to PNG along the way you might try my [md2pptx](https://github.com/MartinPacker/md2pptx) tool.
  2. In principle, though, a good HTML -> Markdown Converter would know when a fragment of HTML wasn't convertible and would leave as is, HTML being valid in Markdown.
  3. @Mr Pennyworth what does one need to make Swift work? XCode? Or is a compiler built in? I suspect the former.
  4. This topic has gone off on a(n interesting) tangent. ? As the OP has Excel I would say automating it would be the best way - if feasible. I’m not sure whether AppleScript automation can get the OP the whole way. I’m more concerned about driving Excel than I am about getting a list of files to work on. Some of these other tools could be useful. I’ve yet to see evidence that Alfred has much of a role to play here; Somebody educate me if they think it does.
  5. Yes. Hazel, for one, could watch a folder for XLS files and automate converting each one - perhaps with help from Keyboard Maestro. (Alfred, though very nice, isn’t the only Mac automation tool.)
  6. You mentioned VBA, which suggests you have Excel. Can’t you drive Excel to save as CSV?
  7. I’m wondering if there’s something else you could do that would only work in an Alfred environment - such as getting the Alfred version.
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