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    Martin Packer reacted to deanishe in Universal Actions Contextual Menu   
    There's already a Popclip extension for Alfred. Wouldn't take much editing to make it work with Universal Actions.
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    Martin Packer reacted to Floating.Point in Launch Markup from Alfred   
    Hey guys, hoping someone might know some wizardry to get this working. I'm trying to build an Alfred Universal Action to open an image into MacOS's built-in Markup tool. This proves to be kind of tricky as the markup tool isn't a normal app. 
    I really thought I'd gotten there by assigning a system shortcut to "Markup" inside System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / App Shortcuts. But sadly this only works if the right click menu is open when the shortcut key is pressed.
    Does anyone have any ideas about how this might be achieved?

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    Martin Packer reacted to deanishe in workflow to convert html to markdown   
    In practice, people use HTML -> Markdown converters because they don't want HTML.
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    Martin Packer reacted to Andrew in Alfred 3.8 pre-release: Hardened Runtime and Apple Notarization   
    Hi All,
    Just to let you know, I've just pre-released 3.8 which has been configured with a hardened runtime, which is a prerequisite for Apple's Notarisation process.
    I'd appreciate it if people who are updating to Alfred's pre-releases (from Alfred Preferences' Update tab) could let me know in this forum thread if they run into any issues with this update, for example, workflow scripts which worked in the previous pre-release not being able to run.
    I'm hoping to have the notarised version of Alfred 3.8 generally released within a week or so.
    Big thanks!
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    Martin Packer reacted to deanishe in I Sheet You Not: Plug Excel into Alfred   
    I Sheet You Not
    Create auto-updating workflows from Excel worksheets. Works like a List Filter but using an Excel file as the data source.

      I Sheet You Not is a workflow generator/template for Alfred 3. It reads data from an Excel workbook and displays them in Alfred. You can specify which rows and columns the data are read from, and changes to the data are picked up automatically by the workflow.   Download and installation   Download the workflow from Packal or  GitHub releases and double-click the downloaded I-Sheet-You-Not-X.X.X.alfredworkflow file to install in Alfred.   Usage   Use keyword isyn to create a new copy of the workflow. You can either create an empty copy or search for an Excel file to base the workflow on.   See the documentation for detailed usage/configuration instructions.   Source code   The source is hosted on GitHub.   Bugs and feature requests   Bugs and feature requests should ideally be submitted via GitHub issues, but asking in this thread is cool, too.
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