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  1. Hi Vero Alfred isn't syncing preferences and no other unusual settings. I don't use any keyboard remappers. Even though Alfred is responding to a different hotkey, the correct hotkey is listed in Preferences.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Vero. No hotkeys are set for workflows – I've haven't set up any. The Command-Control-spacebar was chosen because it don't conflict with the many key commands in Adobe CC, etc. The issue is that Alfred will respond to this hotkey but then suddenly stop responding and respond to Command-Option-spacebar instead.
  3. Alfred 3.6, macOS 10.13.3 I have the Clipboard Viewer Hotkey set to Command-Control-spacebar but Alfred is not responding to it, instead responding to Command-Option-Spacebar which is clashing with an InDesign CC keyboard command. I've quit Alfred and relaunched but this didn't resolve the issue. I've also tried to toggle the hotkey to something else and back again but Alfred would not accept a new hotkey.
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