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  1. Wow, that was a lot easier than I was thinking. I was making it too hard in my head. Appreciate the simple and quick response!
  2. Not sure if something like this already exists or is even possible, but since google Inbox has been put to pasture (very bummed), I'm looking to try and do the following to replace the built-in Reminder system of Inbox. Basically I want to type a keyword, say 'Reminder' and a workflow would: - open Gmail to a new message (web client) - populate 'To:' email (this would be static variable, it would not change) - populate 'Subject:' with "Reminder: " - if possible, have cursor stay in Subject input field for me to enter in text after 'Reminder: ' (i.e. "Reminder: Walk the Dog") I have a filter set up in Gmail to handle emails from me with Subject containing 'Reminder: ' Any help would be appreciated, Mike
  3. That makes sense. Thanks for the back and forth. I'll try another version using a script filter. Appreciate the help.
  4. thanks was able to get the changes. unfortunately this still doesn't solve the issue i'm having. Alfred doesn't seem to understand when i type "gkeep label work". I have to do the following steps to get it to work: 1. Type "gkeep label" 2. Hit enter 3. Type the label name ('work') i wish to load via url 4. Hit enter was hoping for being able to just: 1. Type "gkeep label work" or "gkeep label personal" 2. Hit enter Thanks for helping me...
  5. thanks for the reply deanishe, i can't access the link you posted to view your fixes.
  6. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this simple workflow that I'm trying to create. I'm sure I can do this with some scripting, but was hoping to get it to work without it. It is a simple list filter that I want to filter 3 actions: notes, reminders, label and then open the corresponding dynamic url. The 'notes' & 'reminders' are working as I would like, but I'm having trouble with the 'label' action since it doesn't follow the same protocol as the other two - it needs an additional argument (label name). I am hoping to type the following: "gkeep label work" and it will trigger an open url command to open "https://keep.google.com/#label/work". My workflow can be downloaded here for review. Thanks in advance, Mike
  7. Same issue here glad it is under review (Alfred 2.5 [299]). If I search for "wish list" urls redirect like this: 1. https://drive.google.com/#search/wish%20list 2. https://drive.google.com/drive/#search/wish%20list 3. https://drive.google.com/drive/#search?q=wish%2520list And the search input field displays "wish%20list". I just disabled and created a custom search for now. Hope this helps, Mike
  8. I know this is an old thread, but since no response was given thought I'd share. I've requested this as well. Andrew explained that currently 1P4 doesn't expose this data to 3rd Party API. Reached out to 1P4 team to see if can update API. Maybe if more people "gently nudge" Agile Bits will be considered. Thread here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3540-1password-4-multiple-url-support/?hl=1password
  9. Done and Done! For cross reference for anyone following this: http://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/19112/feature-request-export-all-urls-in-3rd-party-support-file?new=1
  10. Yeah I hope. Would be nice. I started updating my 1P4 file to use multiple urls, until realized not supported in Alfred. Rolled everything back.
  11. Not sure if the 1Password 4 API would allow Alfred to do this, but: It would be nice if Alfred supported 1Password 4's multiple urls feature. So if a 1P4 login entry had more than one url each would be listed when a user typed the '1P' shortcut in Alfred. I've included a screen shot for reference. In the given screen shot, I have three URLs for Plex (Forums, myPlex, Web Manager). It would be nice if I typed '1P Plex', I got a list of: Plex (Forums) Plex (myPlex) Plex (Web Manager) Thanks for considering! Mike
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