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  1. I tried this with a guest account and it didn't work. So I guess it's an issue across the Mac. Could that help in finding a solution? Thank you for your precious time and happy easter greetings from Rostock / Germany.
  2. Yes, but restarting doesn't solve the problem Any other suggestions? Maybe I should try to delete the .plist (not that I know which one) that is mentioned in the error message?!
  3. I have the same problem. While all other System Commands work, I can't get the "Sleep-Command" to work. I don't know when this startet or if it's related to an update, but please help me to solve that problem. The Console tells me: System Events[2719]: A call to OSACopyScriptingDefinition() by NSScriptSuiteRegistry returned an error. Is this application's OSAScriptingDefinition Info.plist entry valid? If its value is 'dynamic', is there an 'ascr'/'gsdf' Apple event handler registered?
  4. Your first terminal command works and results in a lot of .emlx files as output!
  5. Hmpf, still not getting any results. I tried search terms that definitely should be found and even waited some time. No luck here on a german system. But I really appreciate your restlessness :-)
  6. Yeah, now it's working here, too. But you need to type at least 3 letters to get som suggestions, right?! Something Alfred-related won't show up until you've entered at least 'alf'.
  7. Not working for me, too. I'm getting no results, no matter what I try. :-(
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