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  1. It's not recommended to arbitrarily delete .plist files - While some .plists are re-created dynamically, there are many that aren't re-created and could cause more serious issues on your Mac. As this isn't an Alfred-related file, I can't advise as to what would happen.


    Try creating a new user account on your Mac and try the same action. Does it work as expected? This will help you establish whether the issue is across your Mac or specific that your user profile.




    I tried this with a guest account and it didn't work. So I guess it's an issue across the Mac. Could that help in finding a solution?

    Thank you for your precious time and happy easter greetings from Rostock / Germany. :)

  2. Have you tried restarting your Mac to check OS X hasn't got itself into a muddle? This seems like an odd error message and not one that's been reported before.

    Yes, but restarting doesn't solve the problem  :( 

    Any other suggestions? Maybe I should try to delete the .plist (not that I know which one) that is mentioned in the error message?!

  3. I have the same problem. While all other System Commands work, I can't get the "Sleep-Command" to work. I don't know when this startet or if it's related to an update, but please help me to solve that problem.
    The Console tells me:

    System Events[2719]: A call to OSACopyScriptingDefinition() by NSScriptSuiteRegistry returned an error. Is this application's OSAScriptingDefinition Info.plist entry valid? If its value is 'dynamic', is there an 'ascr'/'gsdf' Apple event handler registered?

  4. Do me a favor?


    1. Drop to a terminal.

    2. Run:

    mdfind "kMDItemContentType == 'com.apple.mail.emlx'"


    Do you get results?


    If no, try

    mdfind -onlyin "<yourhomepath>/Library/Mail/V2/" "kMDItemContentType == 'com.apple.mail.emlx'"


    Results now?

    Your first terminal command works and results in a lot of .emlx files as output!

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