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  1. Yes please! Bump away - I still have this problem every day. My bad typing I know, but it seems Alfred should be able to handle it better.
  2. OK, Is there a way for ALfred to be less strict about getting all the letters. Ie matching 'hotoshop' to 'photoshop'?
  3. Tried that, and it seems to happen if you don't lift your finger of the modifier key before you start typing. Alfred won't recognise any key presses until you do this. Is that normal? Is there a workaround?
  4. Hi, Siri is disabled, as is the keyboard shortcut for Spotlight search. My Alfred hot key is cmd-space And yes, I'm on 3.6.1. A
  5. Hi, when I launch alfred and start typing to get an app, I often find it doesnt catch the first character I type. So I look up to see 'hotoshop' instead of 'photoshop' Is this a bug in Alfred that it sometimes misses the first character? And/or is there a way to get it to search for apps without requiring all the letters to match? Thanks, Andrew
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