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  1. This works. I meant the aliasing to /Applications. Is that coming to v3 as well?
  2. Hey, I saw a workflow request on /r/Alfred that interested me as well, and saw that no one made it yet, so I quickly wrapped up one with a little bit of Google-ing. Basically, it's a really basic workflow that moves your current window between monitor(s) with the tap of a hotkey or by entering "jump" into Alfred (both are configurable of course). I don't think I'll be maintaining this workflow, as there really is not much to maintain, it's a very simple AppleScript behind, but feel free to comment here and I'll check it every once in a while to see if anything is needed. Download
  3. Thanks for the workflow, this is the first one I found that actually works (for the most part, see below). Please note that if you're trying to rename a file with more than one word, you only get the first word as the default "rename-to" filename. I don't have much time to look at the code and try to fix it unfortunately, but I'm sure you'll push an update fixing this soon enough, shouldn't be a huge bug to fix, considering the renaming works fine, just the preview doesn't "populate" with the default filename properly.
  4. This could be made in a workflow, like most other stuff in Alfred to be honest (but that's just because the workflows are such a powerful thing in Alfred), but it's such a core thing that it should be integrated into Alfred itself. Hell, it shouldn't even be a Powerpack feature. You can say the same thing on the calculator, custom searches, Terminal execution, file search etc. The list just goes on and on (and if I'm not mistaken, Andrew said once on Twitter that every feature in Alfred 2 is essentially made by a workflow), but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't integrate stuff into Alfred itself. Core thing should come out of the box, and more so when executing them in Alfred itself (integrated rather in a user-made workflow) would be a lot nicer and less "hack-ish". This is a great example - to rename a file using a workflow, you have to re-invoke Alfred after the file action (unless you do it in an AppleScript, which can pop up a message box with a textbox in it etc), but that feels really hack-y to me.
  5. Hey, I suggested this feature back in v1 already, but thought of maybe suggesting it again, hoping it would be added to Alfred 2 sometime. From the file action menu there's no option to rename a file. I can't think it would be that hard to incorporate into Alfred in a nice fashion. This can be done in a workflow I believe, but it would be made in a really "ugly" fashion (like the color labeling workflow here, which re-invokes Alfred after the action is selected), and it's such a useful thing that I think it should be a part of Alfred itself. Please add this to Alfred. Thanks, Ben
  6. Hey all, I've developed a version re-written from the group up again, to ditch WolframAlpha's slow and sluggish API in favor of a faster, lighter one of worldweatheronline.com. This version can be found here, if anyone is interested (also updated the main topic). However, I would recommend using CarlosNZ's TimeZones workflow instead of this one, since it's more robust, custom and faster (relies on Google's API. And to be honest, no service can compete with Google's speeds). Therefore, from hereon forwards I'm freezing the development of TimeIn, as I don't have that much time to develop it, especially since TimeZones does the same thing, better.
  7. The workflow currently relies on WolframAlpha for getting it's data. From my testing, it only shows time in 12-hour format unfortunately (I'd also like it to be location-based, or somehow be able to get the time in a 24 hour format). I'll have to look into other services and see if they're able to retrieve the time in other formats, or build something to convert 12 hours format to a 24-hour one. In any case, I'll look into it when I have the time.
  8. No problem, there's always a first time for everything, even executing a command in Terminal .
  9. I suppose you never messed around in Terminal before, huh? . When you're required your admin password, you don't see the input. So just type it in, trusting that the keyboard works, and press return when you're finished, you should see the command running.
  10. Thanks. Never heard of Shortcat until now, glad I did though , seems very useful, especially with the workflow.
  11. You mean that in the first query, 8:20 is the time in your location, and you'd get the time in New York for that time? Or the other way around (getting the local time for a given time (8:20 in this case) in New York)?
  12. Here's a quick change I made to the existing workflow to work in the said manner - just use it as usual, and it'll output to the Notification Center/Growl. You can download it here. Also, I noticed that it now works for cities too (and not just for countries), so I'll look into this issue later to try and figure out why Wolfram doesn't like city flags, and make it behave again .
  13. The new version works perfectly, tried both English and Hebrew. Thanks .
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