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  1. Hmm... I have a better understanding now, and I think I'll try out your first approach as I think it's the ideal workaround just force Alfred to use the reserved key without any another scripts or applications. Thanks a ton again!
  2. Hi @GuiB, thank you for your reply, I used the second way as the workaround, I wrote a script to intercept "CMD+Q" and then forward to a complex combination which applied to Alfred. I understand where are you coming from, the reason why I insist on "CMD+Q" as the shortcut is that I was constantly pressing on "CMD+Q" incidentally which caused my work lost for many times, then I realized I must mute this shortcut to save my life, unfortunately, there isn't a way to mute but remap as other purposes, then I replaced to spotlight's shortcut just like my "CMD + W" to my email client, because this two combinations are so easy to press with just two fingers from one hand. I saw some other applications are able to override the native "CMD + Q" as the shortcut, I don't very understand why Alfred has to set this restriction rather let user to choose from their preference, I can't image an impact if override the native "CMD + Q" from Alfred's point of view for now.
  3. I'd like to set CMD + Q as the default shortcut because I used to this shortcut for spotlight, and now I'd like to purchase Alfred and replace spotlight, unfortunately, it seems that's impossible to Alfred after tried every effort and workaround. I understand that CMD + Space, Option + Space or Double CMD are very convenient and suggested combinations, but I've been already applied those combinations to other applications for years, so it's not my first option to change my habit. It's really a basic requirement for me and my decision to make a change, so please, is there a workaround to figure it out? thanks a lot!
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