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  1. Nice. Thanks for the explanation.
  2. @CJK What is the purpose of declaring www as local variable in the method?
  3. There must be a way to write the condition with whose clauses. In my opinion, the condition with whose clauses look more elegant.
  4. @politicus @Gevor I just released v1.1.0. Please let me know if you find another bug.
  5. Thanks for the lesson @CJK. I think there is a small error in getting the result's count by doing: if (count T) = 0 then return null -- Logging (count T) always returns (*2*) -- Logging T returns (*,*) when no empty tabs are open. Thus, throwing an error by accessing item 1 of item 1 when no empty tab is open. It works with: if (count item 1 of T) = 0 then return null
  6. @deanishe That works but in my script it doesn't. on run argv tell application "Google Chrome" set W to every window whose mode is "incognito" if W = {} then set W to {make new window with properties {mode:"incognito"}} set [W] to W set userQuery to item 1 of argv set incognitoQuery to "https://www.google.com/search?q=" & userQuery tell W to set T to make new tab with properties {URL:incognitoQuery} close (every tab of every window whose URL contains "chrome://newtab/") set index of W to 1 activate end tell end run
  7. @CJK I implemented the suggested changes. However, the script fails to close empty tabs. I would like to know why. close (every tab of every window whose URL is "chrome://newtab/") I found that create-react-app from Facebook includes a script for finding tabs with a given URL. Just for reference, here is the link.
  8. Currently there is no such option but I will consider your request for a future release.
  9. @CJK @deanishe Thanks for taking the time to review the workflow so thoroughly! I really appreciate it. @Gevor @politicus I'll release a revised version of the workflow this weekend. Stay tuned.
  10. @Gevor I cannot reproduce the error on 1.0.1 anymore.
  11. I'll look into it @Gevor.
  12. @politicus I just released v1.0.1. Please let me know if you find another bug.
  13. I just opened an issue on Github regarding your problem. I'll be releasing a fix today.
  14. Alfred Workflow: Swap User Swaps automatically to the next user Requirements Alfred Alfred Powerpack Assistive access enabled in System Preferences > Universal Access Installation Download the .alfredworkflow file Double click to install Usage How does it work From the users listed when running the following command: dscacheutil -q user | grep -A3 -B2 -e 5'[0-9][0-2'] the script excludes the current user and takes the first user from the ones remaining. Credits Workflow icon by Icons8