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  1. This worked as expected once I'd inserted the desktop path.
  2. I prefer to think of it more as special, rather than odd! Separating the -iP solves it, I don't need the path, and the temp filename works. So I'm using: screencapture -i -P "$(mktemp).png" Can't begin to tell you how much time this, and one simple text replacement is going to save me. Thank you.
  3. Apologies, I should have known better on the version. Pastebin, well I've learned something else new today: https://pastebin.com/1yd87vLG If I remove all the parameters and just have screencapture in the script then it does find the command and complains about the lack of file being specified.
  4. Okay, the issue is pretty obvious... I've tried updating it to /usr/sbin/´╗┐screencapture but that didn't help. If I run it in terminal, I get a command not found, but if I just run screencapture with no parameters, it does find it, as the error is then that no filename is specified. Latest Alfred and OSX 10.13.4
  5. Okay, not that much of a newbie! ? The cursor doesn't change, I was expecting it to look like it does when I do a cmd+ctrl+shift+4, but it stays an arrow.
  6. It's painful being a newbie, sorry... So, all I need to do is import that workflow, set the hotkey and it should work? I tried to do that (cmd+ctrl+shift+1) and nothing happens when I hit the hotkey sequence. So I need to activate it in some way or give some permission in Alfred like I did to make text replacement work?
  7. Seriously impressed. What an awesome forum. Many thanks!
  8. I've just found/bought Alfred mainly to help me save time entering text I have to repeat many times a day but looking deeper into the site it seems there is a world of possibilities out there. One thing I do a lot is take a screenshot (using cmd+ctrl+shift+4) to the clipboard, open preview, go to the file menu and then create a new image from the clipboard. It's not a hard process, but it's done enough to be annoying. Is it possible to automate that, so I can initiate a screenshot and as soon as it's done it opens it in Preview? And if it is, could you help,
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