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  1. Never mind. I figured this out as well. I just added another replace utility between my first replace utility and the copy to clipboard output. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pmim2fql1p52axb/Screenshot 2019-06-07 11.25.13.jpg?dl=0
  2. I did! I'd like to also add a replace utility to replace all “” with ". I know to replace “|” with ". I tried to add another replace utility to the workflow, but it wouldn't strip the spaces and change the quotes. This is what I have now. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0ofs79woahdwcr/Screenshot%202019-06-07%2011.20.45.jpg?dl=0
  3. Never mind. I found it. I didn't know I needed to create a workflow for this.
  4. I guess what I'm asking is where is the Replace Utility? Is it in the Workflows section?
  5. Is there a way to strip extra white space characters. For example, if a client sends me some content that may have 2 spaces after every period? I'd like to be able to copy everything they gave me and paste it without any double spaces after each period. Also, clients tend to send me documents with ‟ and ” which causes display issues on websites. I'd like to be able to replace these types of quotes with the standard " from my keyboard.
  6. Thanks, @Vero! I'll check out some of the other workflows!
  7. @Vero, Thank you so much for your help! So, the to-do items are just saved in a text file? If I want to mark of a task, I would just update the text file?
  8. I saw that @Vero Pepperell created the Simple To-Do List workflow. Can you help me with this, Vero?
  9. When I type in a to-do item (i.e. todo eat lunch) and select a list. I just get a notification. How can I see the list items?
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