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  1. Does Alfred support hotkey sequence as a trigger? For example, I want that "cmd+k, cmd+u" triggers an event. Sublime Text (ST) supports these sequences and it would be very useful in Alfred as well. For example, in ST "cmd+k, cmd+u" changes text to upper case and "cmd+k, cmd+l" changes text to lower case. Note that the cmd key doesn't has to be released for the sequence. Is there a way to do this in Alfred?
  2. Your workflow seems very useful but it doesn't seem to support multiple files... I would like to select multiple files with alfred and print all of them. The print option only appear for one file though...
  3. Hi, right now, Alfred only seems to support one contact action per field. Would it be possible to support multiple actions with modifier key? For example, I would like to have the option to "call with iPhone", "call with Skype" and "send Message" for phone numbers. I think that would be a great addition. Thanks! [Moderator: Merged with another thread asking the same question]
  4. Would it be possible to add support for "call via iPhone" on Yosemite? Here is a workflow that calls numbers (not contacts): http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5047-call-via-iphone/ Thanks!
  5. Great workflow! Would it be possible to also call contacts? Right now, I can only call numbers with "call xxxxx". I would like the workflow to search my contacts. So when I type "call John", I a list with all numbers for john is returned and I can call them by pressing Enter. The workflow "Uni Call" does that for Skype calls etc (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/2323-uni-call-v531-the-missing-universal-phone-call-workflow-for-alfred/). Thanks!
  6. Hi, is it possible to make a workflow that supports the Handoff feature. I think the only thing that is does is this icon on the left side in the dock to start an application from your iOS device. Is it possible to do that from alfred. Type "Handoff", see an icon from the application similar to the one in the dock and press enter to start the application? I tried to find out whether there is any command line support for handoff but I haven't found anything so far. Thanks!
  7. I think this works for Mailbox beta: (False, False, True, False) Unfortunately, without names though.
  8. The workflow doesn't work with the Mailbox beta for mac. It opens an email but the address is wrong with %20 etc for certain signs. I looked a little into the code and was wondering whether it is possible to add client specific rules for Mailbox? I am happy to share a beta coin if that helps... Thanks for the great workflow!
  9. Hi, all workflows return information as lists. It would be great if workflows could also show information in other ways so that they can present rich results from an alfred query. Alfred already does something similar for the itunes mini player. Spotlight in OS X Yosemite does it for all kind of stuff including information from wikipedia, information about movies, or small maps. I am not sure about the technical implementation but one question, of course, is the format supported by Alfred. Maybe html would work... no idea. Best!
  10. Thanks for the great work! Maybe the abstract for the large type? An alternative would be the formated citation. But that is just an idea I am not sure how that looks. I am always like having settings for these things. Also for the new version: It would be great to have a option to exclude group library items and define the fields searched with 'zot' (I think there already is a setting for that).
  11. Hi, it would be great if Alfred supports web search suggestions or auto complete natively. There are some workflows that implement this feature for particular searches. e.g. http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1207-alfred2-workflow-for-google-search-suggestion-instant-search-and-current-site-search/ But native support would be great! Instantfox, for example, allows you to configure a search URL with %q for the query (same as search URL in alfred's custom searches) AND an optional "Suggest URL" that gets the auto complete suggestions. For google search, it's simply http://suggestqueries.google.com/complete/search?json&client=firefox&q=%q&hl=en The addition of this feature would be great! Alfred could go a step further and allow the user to set a script that returns the auto complete suggestions (as an alternative to the "Suggest URL". Thanks!
  12. I also thought about caching the results. smarg19, I think the cache should combine a lifespan and the search query. So when I search for "Kan" the cache is only used when the next query (either new or extended search) starts with "Kan". So the user can actually query for different things within the lifespan. I also think the complex search query shouldn't be a problem. Searching for "of" matches "OmniFocusFocus", "Duke off York" and "of" (stupid modification of example above). Not sure about the ranking but all hits get cached. Now I extend my search to "off" by adding another "f". ZotQuery uses the cache if (1) the new search happens within the lifespan and (2) includes the previous search "of" as the first characters of the query. In this case, ZotQuery would just filter and rank the three previous results and end up with two returns: "OmniFocusFocus" and "Duke off York". Does that make sense?
  13. This is just an idea to speed up zotquery and I have no idea whether it actually works. Right now, I think that zotquery starts an entirely new search whenever I change the search query. As a result, first typing "Kant" and then adding a word of the title such as "metaphysics" (search query "Kant metaphysics") both take the same amount of time. The same is true for slow typing (start with "Kan" and take a moment to add "t"). Would it be possible to save the intermediate search results and filter from that set of results to speed up the search? Of course, this only works when users add something not when they delete parts of the search query. Just a thought. Maybe I am completely wrong about this... Thanks for the great workflow!!
  14. Actually, I am not sure whether the personal_only argument works. I changed the syntax for the z:config, z:cache, and the script below citation copied so that the second argument is always True. Then I updated the cache with z:cache but items group libraries still show up.
  15. The recent update fixed my problem (reported a while ago) as well. Thanks! In an earlier post, you described a way to limit the 'zot' search to certain data fields (which also made it much faster): http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3708-zotquery-an-alfred-workflow-for-zotero/?p=25417 With the recent updates, I can do that in the 'zot_filters.json' file, right? Also, is it possible to restrict the search in two ways: 1) I would like to exclude Zotero items that are in group libraries. Many items are both in my personal and in group libraries so that I see them twice in ZotQuery searches. 2) Is it possible to exclude certain item types? I am, for example, not interested in finding web-pages, notes and some other stuff. Thanks!
  16. I am getting this error with 8.0.2: [ERROR: alfred.workflow.input.scriptfilter] Code 1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "zotquery.py", line 91, in <module> import html2text ImportError: No module named html2text By the way, is it possible to exclude items from group libraries in ZotQuery 8?
  17. It was more a suggestion for the "power users" targeted by the description to change the python code. The solution to change works and I am fine with it but everyone who makes that change has to redo it for each update. The settings file would solve that problem. But I agree that it is not a good solution for the average user (as is changing the python code).
  18. Works like a charm! I also checked the group thing and I am not sure whether it's working correctly. Is it possible that it was fine in 7.0 but not in 7.1? Here are two things I observed: 1) Reveal for group items does not seem to work and I think it did in 7.0. At least it worked once when I tried and now it doesn't anymore. 2) Looking at the json file, the group or library info seems to be saved as part of the "zot-collections" array. Each of the objects in the list contain an entry for "library_id" and "group". This doesn't really match the zotero database and creates some problems. The group and the associated library id is a property of the item (maybe also of a collection but that is irrelevant here). So it would make more sense to save it together with "id" and "key" as item properties. This matters particularly when an item is in no collection. For these items your cached data doesn't contain any information on the group/library. Does that make sense or am I missing something? Also as a side note: I am happy with the solution to modify the code and change the search term. The annoying thing is that you have to do it each time you update zotquery. A better approach would be to add a setting to the 'settings.json' file, which allows the user to chance what is included in the search with zot and potentially other things like what is displayed in the title and subtitle of the Alfred feedback (e.g. someone might wants to add the group or journal title the displayed feedback). These settings could be only accessible by modifying the 'settings.json' file and not through the interactive interface you provide for the location of the database and the API access (similar to ST settings).
  19. Thanks for the details! I am still having problems with searching with 'author year'. To find this zotero item Einstein 1935 Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? I can use 'Einstein 1935' but 'Ein 1935' does not work. My understanding of the fuzzy search was that it should work, no?
  20. Sending it via PM right now. Thanks! For the search: I would prefer that the date gets searched or even better a user setting that allows you to configure what is searched by 'zot' (and the order). My personal preference would be "first_author_last_name year title".
  21. Oh, that is great! I still have three question: 1) "Ein 1935" as a search string does not work for me. I tried it with multiple items (beginning of author name and year). Is it possible that year does not get searched? 2) It is possible to exclude group libraries from the search? The reason is that a lot of my items show up twice because they are both in my personal and in my group libraries. Another reason is that there is a lot of crap in my group libraries, outdated entries or whatever. 3) For me, it does not work to reveal items in group libraries (my preference would be to exclude them). When I select them, nothing happens. I think the library is indicated by the part before the underscore (e.g. 0_ENDQ22KT refers to an item in the personal library). Thanks!
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