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  1. Actually, I don't think that any PPI is visible from the public link. Give it a shot. https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?action=track&tracknumbers=785840571592&clienttype=ivother#
  2. I figured out that the nickname can be edited from the publicly-accessible tracking page, you would just need a valid tracking number to view and edit the field. I tried to DM you one of mine, but Twitter requires following. I didn't phrase that well; the form accepts the character and displays it properly, even on other web pages, but only if entered by copying and pasting or using the MacOS text replacement.
  3. Got it, thanks. My error was using HTML not BBCode. I like the meta demonstration.
  4. Safari 11.1.2; build 13605.3.5 The site is located at FedEx Delivery Manager, but you will have to have a FedEx account to access the page. Sounds silly, but I didn't think to try with another browser. I'll download Firefox and give it a go. No Alfred snippets work; each produces the same behavior. The field accepted watch from the system text replacement, however, and shows in other areas of the website after entered. It's a PUA Unicode character, so it shouldn't be the problem as long as the field supports Unicode code points, right?
  5. Yikes...I swear I tried that already...? Snippet I only modified a few symbols from the file that is hosted on the Alfred homepage.
  6. It does seems a little aggressive: please see the last sentence of my post, I’m not sure how to do that or I would have done so. It’s the snippet “Mac Symbols” from the homepage.
  7. I grabbed your workflow, can you explain how to make the inline code block like that?
  8. As a mechanic, I found videos quite helpful, because behaviors are difficult to reproduce sometimes, and seeing or hearing what happened helped me narrow down possible causes. I suppose I thought that demonstrating what happened along with a description of what I was doing would paint a clearer picture than words alone, especially since I don’t know the proper jargon, but now I know. I was on FedEx in my shipping manager nicknaming a label watch The snippet is :apple logo: to create the . The field closed without accepting the entry as soon as the suffix was typed. It had no issue with a : by itself or using it in a phrase that had no snippet associated with it e.g. :potatohead: Using the text replacement within the Keyboard pane in System Preferences, the phrase applelogo worked fine and allowed me to type the full watch phrase and hit ↩ to save. I even tried removing the colons to use the same language applelogo to expand the snippet, but still exited the field without entering or saving any text. That’s what led me to wonder if it’s due to how Alfred expands text being incompatible with however the field operates. I’m not sure how to export a snippet, can you explain that? If it’s helpful to pull any of the page elements, I can try to figure that out too.
  9. Not really sure how to describe this, so I took a screen grab of the occurence, but basically when trying to use an Alfred snippet in a field on a webform, it closed the field without entering the text. I tried a few times, then made a text replacement in the System Preferences that worked as expected. I saved a web archive of the webpage in question, since I couldn’t isolate any action in the console. What’s the best way to share a small (<1MB) video of the behavior?
  10. This may be the greatest find of the year. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to search for such an app; I suppose I hadn’t yet needed to find a solution from hitting critical mass menu bar. Disregard my previous request: this is the answer to my prayers and the workflow as-is, is perfect for how I will set up the menu bar. I realized that it reciprocates the current setting, so if I have the menu bar off with BT on, then running the workflow pops up a greyed out BT menubar that clears when it’s re-enabled by the workflow. I prefer to leave BT on the majority of the time unless I’m in public, so I like it only appearing when disabled. I actually laughed out loud at that ? I will let you Wiki that if you so choose; ignorance is bliss.
  11. Beautiful. Thank you. Perhaps building off the previous comment, is it possible to have a branch for a version that does not toggle the menu bar but instead displays whether Bluetooth is enabled or not in the Alfred window subtext? I don’t know enough yet to know if this is possible, but I have so many menu bar icons already it would be nice to be able to keep BT out of it. As the son of a self-employed graphic designer who tried to train me from birth, I find this quite relatable.
  12. Dude, how are you so awesome? Trying to get Zotero to work better for me is what led me down the rabbit hole to finding Alfred in the first place. I’m ecstatic that there’s some active development on this front, and out of altruistic intentions at that. Python is installed and I’m learning a bit at a time. I hope I can help contribute to this in the future; I’ll certainly be using this workflow until then.
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