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  1. I have been exploring Node-RED and MQTT for automating my macOS for the last few weeks. One of example is I created a Node-RED flow with exec command which is a osascript which tells system events to type the given keycodes which is my password and I have connected a mqtt listener as input so whenever I call a specific topic using an MQTT Dashboard app Node-RED listens to that and types it. So I created a login to macOS using Android. It's much easier if there's a way to add MQTT listener as input option in Alfred, is there any option currently?
  2. I know there have been many discussions related to the topic & there is a clear statement from Alfred's mum that as they are only 2 people working on development they won't be able to create Android Remote. But I think I have a solution which involves very less or no coding. But it will be using a third-party app, Unified Remote. I was trying something recently and saw could do a lot of things using Unified Remote (Paid one) on my Mac for example launching the apps, launching the Spotlight, many more things. So I created a simple quick action thing, so when I click on it, it holds
  3. It started working for me as well after complete uninstall of Evernote from App Store & installing from their website. @Carlos-Sz Thanks for this superb workflow & thanks @Vero for this awesome Alfred
  4. Any idea when it will work with Evernote 7?
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