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  1. I don't have this "Advance" link. When I use the command "D ", Safari opens the google account select screen. After selecting the account I want, i get the "temporary disabled" screen. Is the "Advance" link on one of those pages? If so, its not showing up for me.
  2. It appears if you had this authenticated before Google made this change, this workflow will still work. I recently tried to get this on a MacBook air and i get the error message. Works perfectly fine on my MacBook Pro. @deanishe How do you get your own OAuth ID+secret from Google?
  3. Thank you for your quick response. Installing Node works. I can now use with Alfred. Thank again!
  4. Im using Alfred 3.1.6, Todoist workflow 4.0.2. Mac OS 10.13.5. Everything @erikRS posted is my exact experience. I tried typing t:token and it does a google search. I tried every variation in the Todoist thread with no luck. Everything after t: and todo, turns into a google search. Im thinking its an token issue but i cant seem to get it installed. Forgive me, im totally new to Alfred and to MacOS. Here is what i came up with in the debug mode when i typed t:token Starting debug for 'Alfred Workflow Todoist' [2018-06-11 15:36:32][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument '(null)'
  5. I am having this same issue. I bought Power Pack for this same reason. Please help.
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