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  1. Hi Mehdi, Can you please open a new issue in our repository? So this thread doesn't get cluttered with the debugging info. And then can you run these two scripts (get_all_km_macros.scpt and get_hotkey_km_macros.scpt) locally to see if your macro is present in the output? To run the script open terminal and type osascript get_all_km_macros.scpt osascript get_hotkey_km_macros.scpt
  2. One of the workflow maintainers here. Sorry for the inconvenience! I haven't upgraded to macOS Catalina yet, so can't test myself. I've created a Github issue for fixing that, though.
  3. Recently I've added some new features to the workflow: App icons for all apps and their shortcuts. Search among all shortcuts without selecting an app first (use cheatsheetg keyword for that). Hide or show only specific apps in the search results. To customize that type cheatsheet keyword, select Customize your cheatsheet, then list needed apps in settings.json (sorry for not implementing a GUI for that). Check also README.md for the settings format.
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