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  1. Wow, quick reply. I know the font can be changed, but Helvetica Neue isn't one of the options. I even went so far as to manually edit my appearance/prefs.plist, which also didn't work.
  2. Hey Alfred team & community, It's great that Alfred 2 offers more font choices. I wish, however, that rather than Helvetica, the app defaulted to Helvetica Neue. With iOS 4, Apple switched iOS's UI font from plain old Helvetica to Helvetica Neue, and it's begun to make its way onto the Mac in Lion & Mountain Lion. It'd be great for consistency, and as a bonus I think many people feel that Neue is the smoother & better looking of the two. I know it sounds like a nitpick — but in an app like Alfred, where the entire UI is a typography exercise, this stuff really makes a difference.
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