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  1. I know there are a few lorem ipsum workflows already floating around, but I wanted to make my own and have had this on GitHub for a while. I recently had a feature request to add character based generation which some may find useful as well so I figured it was time to share it here.
  2. An Alfred 3 workflow for generating lorem ipsum dummy text using joshtronic/php-loremipsum. View on Github Installation Download the workflow Double click the .alfredworkflow file to install Usage Use the keyword lipsum to trigger the workflow Select format you want to generate (characters, words, sentences, or paragraphs) (Optional) Type in the number of the format you would like to generate (defaults to 1) Press enter to copy to clipboard and paste into the forefront application or just ⌘ + c to copy to clipboard Release Log v2.2.0 (latest) v2.1.0 v2.0.0 v1.0.0
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