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  1. Its still quite cumbersome to extend it. For extension, i would need to add another filter or another entry in the regex which than becomes longer and more unreadable
  2. Thanks vitor but i will figure it out :). I do write code as a profession. I was just hoping to stay in the visual workflow editor part as long as possible.
  3. I meant more like a meta object. Similiar to filter or junction. A switch statement which asks every following node if it filter did match and if not, uses the default path.
  4. Puh that might be a lot of work though. I was planning to do it for a few nodes like 10-20. A mix of 'go to, otherwise search' for our corporate portal. There is no better solution to this, right? Would it be possible to write its own function block to implement such a 'switch' block?
  5. I made an simple example. https://filebin.net/4xgv8vlka9d7e5xp This example might be solved otherwise (i'm not sure) but the main idea is to have one path which gets only executed when nothing else matches. Tx!
  6. Hi, i'm sry but i was unable to find it. I'm only trying to do the following: If it matches x, open browser with that subsite if it matches nothing, open browser with that site If it matches nothing from above, open browser and do search How do i click something like this together?
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