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  1. I have a new issue i was wondering if any of you more experienced than me could answer. The workflows @vitor and @deanishe worked out great on my mid 2015 macbook pro - but i just got the newest 15" macbook pro on the door today and the workflow does not seem to want to function any longer. Ideas? When i use e.g. @vitor's workflow it opens the page - but does not search it. Still using chrome. EDIT: Found out that Chrome was just updated. Belive that to be the reason behind it, but dont know why.
  2. @vitor and @deanishe, thank you guys so much for the helping hand! Appreciated! Now I just have to hope and see if i cant retrace your steps and learn from your solutions ?Been a normal Alfred user for quite some time, but now i'm looking forward to get better at thinkering with custom solutions! ?
  3. I'm starting out trying to make workflows and have to this point just managed to do web searches on a specific website by using Alfred's buildt inn function with the {query} option. This has worked out perfectly with sites that displays a HTTP address for a search, but how can i tackle pages that does not do this? ATM i'm trying to make a search for this page http://www.magnusli.no/ifirooms/. I tried to inspect the getRoom() function and stole a link from there include/get_room.php?id= and tried to use the {query} on that (with eg. 'Caml' as a search) and that worked to a point where the function returned the data for that search, but that was not what i intended to do. The request returned this: Wanted outcome: Any tips or input as to where to start or how to tackle an issue like this would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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