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  1. Hey, don‘t worry. Go to the Environment Variables window in the screen that you are showing. It is the first button on the top right with the Greek letter chi in square brackets. In the window that opens, add your API key for the value of the Environment Variable “lb_freecurrencyconverter_api_key” in the right half of the window. Best Erik
  2. Hello! Ever wanted to quickly convert currencies within your Alfred Window but all existing workflows lack this one or that one feature and the exotic currency you need for your next post-pandemic holiday trip is missing? That’s why we have created the Ultimate Currency Converter – first just for ourselves, but it might also be helpful for you. Get it from here: Ultimate Currency Converter – GitHub Release Page For usage information: just play around with the currency keyword or look at the README. In case you have any bug findings, any suggestions or wishes, please don’t hesitate to post here or open a GitHub issue. And if this workflow turns out to be helping you, consider to help us with our coffee bill :-) → paypal.me/n8g1 Best – Erik from Little Brighter
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