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  1. @stachmou That issue should be unrelated to the platform (the workflow itself is compiled for both intel and m1). You can check where the Bitwarden cli is located. I assume it's named bw, otherwise it has to be adjusted in the workflow settings (BW_EXEC variable name). Please have a look at the path configuration https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/#path-configuration, you can get the location of bw with e.g. which bw and then copy the path to the workflow PATH variable. As you might need node and other binaries in the PATH you could try to copy the complete content of the shell PATH variable (in the terminal run echo $PATH) into the workflow PATH variable.
  2. Update: Version 2.3.0 is released. Get it from github https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/releases/tag/2.3.0 After some months I am releasing this version which adds 2 features which were requested: - The auto lock service locks the Bitwarden workflow after every start and after a configurable time read more here - The auto sync service which syncs Bitwarden in the background multiple times a day with configurable times see more here
  3. @jim465 This issue looks unrelated to the workflow itself but related to either the node or bitwarden-cli installation itself. How did you install bitwarden-cli, via brew or npm? I assume that a simple bw command like `bw -v` will fail as well? Try reinstalling it.
  4. Thanks for this update. That was the reason for me not to update yet. So I'll wait for 11.2 to be released.
  5. Partly I would say it is implemented. Per default it shows "show more" with the modifier keys command + option (or alt). It shows every possible, used field for each item. any of this can be copied. just it's not currently possible to copy only a part of a field, e.g. a part of a note. Secure note content is hidden in the workflow and is treated like a password.
  6. Good that you ask and not just "trust" or "hope". Little snitch is a great firewall which can show up all the hidden traffic going out from applications.
  7. Thank you @deanishe, was only my second golang project but with the Alfred go package provided by you it was fun, and the github interactions since then grew. Currently there is one open improvement on github which makes sense to me: optional time based lock of the Bitwarden workflow. As said already, the encryption key is stored in Keychain and it stays there until manually "lock" or "logout" is called from the workflow (or manually deleted via Keychain) or it get's invalidated by another Bitwarden cli client login in the meantime. The locally cached data also doesn't contain any secrets (unless secrets are put into non secret fields like username or name of the secret).
  8. With version 2.0.0 I have rewritten the complete workflow and added many new features. I've released version 2.0.3 now and updated the first post in this thread You can find the latest version on github https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/release
  9. If Alfred is allowed to send notifications you should set a confirmation notification like this (screenshot 1) You can also double check the keychain if items have been created there. Open the app "Keychain Access", search for "bitwarden", you should be able to see couple of entries, but at least the one for the email-address. Can you try to search for an item like "bw google", it could be that you also need to run "bwunlock", that is needed in case bitwarden cli unlock is run in the meantime. It is so that bitwarden then invalidates the previous generated session key. Thanks @deanishe taking part here as well, it's an honour I hope to soon fully rewrite this workflow in go with help of your library.
  10. Also sorry to you @thomasSDK for my very very last reply. I will configure my notifications here on the forum. This error you showed looks heavily like this one https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53603246/strange-error-running-osascript-e-command-on-macos-mojave
  11. I'm sorry not to have answered before @Al30 . I think I messed up my notifications here from the forum. Do you still need help? For the logs it looked like that the setting for 2fa mode might have been wrong. I would ask you to try to login via cli in the terminal. If the cli asks you to choose an 2fa auth method (which only happens if multiple 2fa ways are setup) then you need to configure the method otherwise it's 0.
  12. @alexbet just for confirmation, are you using version 1.2.4? You can also find it here on Github https://github.com/blacs30/bitwarden-alfred-workflow/releases
  13. Hi @alexbet, thanks for the information. That is a strange behaviour. Can you please check the logs of the workflow (in the Alfred Preferences select the workflow and then enable the debug mode by clicking on the bug icon at the top right )
  14. @alexbet Thanks for reporting this issue. So the workflow doesn't ask you for the password for your bitwarden account, correct? Which macOS version do you run? Are you running Alfred 4 and have you upgraded it from version 3 or is it der first time you are using Alfred? Did you allow Alfred in the Accessibility settings (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > add Alfred here) Currently there is a known issue for a clean Alfred 4 installation on macOS without having Alfred 3 installed before that. I didn't find time to fix it yet.
  15. The workflow requires the Bitwarden CLI to be installed. You can find binaries here: https://github.com/bitwarden/cli/releases or you can use Homebrew to install it
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