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  1. The same issue I have found. Seems this workflow is outdated and incompatible with the latest versions of Alfred. Maybe someone can get this updated someday. Right now I don't have enough time though 🙈.
  2. Hi @Subject22, that's awesome, instead of going through all the hustle of setting up a fork and all, here is literally the only change we needed for this Workflow. It's only the script that needs adjusting, here is the fully working script as suggested by @cands. @Subject22 I hope this makes it easy for you to update everything. # Quit Alfred 4 and his preferences if application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" is running then tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to quit end if set prefsWasOpen to false if application "Alfred Preferences" is running then set
  3. Hi Vero & Others, thank you for all the workarounds. I am good. It's not a pressing issue. If it's not going to happen, let's just close this thread. I just think that it would be great for the simplicity of Alfred to have a duplicate button in the web search list. Overall, I just like to make suggestions of UX or feature ideas that I have for a better user experience. That's all. Cheers, Chris
  4. As I said, it's a workaround since it does not copy everything but misses the icon. A clean solution would be a proper implementation without a workaround. I understand that it's probably not the highest on the list of development requests. I'm just saying I would prefer a clean interface integration that others can use easily without searching or wasting time researching (or doing it manually).
  5. Thanks @deanishe, a workaround, but not a solution. I would say that having a right click duplicate would really be a better option.
  6. Hi @Subject22, I sent you a private message with the new version. Please test it and update your main download if everything works out normally. I don't want to provide a secondary download here because it can get way too confusing by doing so, having the current version be represented in the main forum post is best I think.
  7. Thanks @cands for that tip. I changed it and updated the workflow and it works still — and hopefully will continue to do so indefinitely now. @Subject22 Would you mind updating the workflow? I could even provide the ZIP if that'd help you.
  8. Hello Alfred Team, I am giving this a bump because there has been no movement. It's been great to see the new development on Alfred 4 and updated UI but maybe these features are a idea to think about? I do like that the Snippets now support rich text as a type, so that's a great step. Now the clipboard history could pull up to that 💪. Thank you ❤
  9. I'm just giving this a bump since there has been no reaction. Is this you are considering?
  10. It's quite remarkable. I just had to updated the name "Alfred 2" to "Alfred 4" and everything still works as expected — even though this workflow is 6 years old at this point. Great stuff and I love it. Just too many times I had to go through he interface and all. I actually believe that Alfred should have a "Restart Alfred" by default.
  11. Hi @Adrian00, I am having a similar experience. It worked on Mojave and without the "Uninteligent" setting for me. Now on Catalina it's no longer working. I hope there will be an update sometime to support the new filesystem structure of Catalina soon and that this will also fix the issues with the Google File Stream system.
  12. Very cool. I recently started doing more with video and photography. Keeping this in Alfred has helped me tremendously while trying to maintain certain aspect ratios with different pixel numbers. Thank you, Matthew, for creating this so many years ago — and it still works 💪.
  13. I use the web searches a lot and sometimes there are variations of things so I create multiple of similar entries. I find myself doing this every so often and it's a bit tedious to manually copy and paste the icon and all the other fields. Maybe we could get a "Right Click + Duplicate"? That'd be great.
  14. This seems to be duplicated in the following forum post. I'd love to see the Rich Text support for the clipboard history as well. Hope that it is coming someday ?.
  15. I'd love to see Rich Text in the Clipboard History. Especially with a combination of "Paste as Rich Text" and "Paste as Plain Text" (default definable by the user in the Clipboard History settings. Rich Text support for the Snippets is also something I'd be looking forward to. Personally much more rarely used. The Rich text in Clipboard HIstory though ... it's huge. I always have to use a "Text Edit" file as my rich text clipboard history ?. PS. I know that other clipboard histories support this, but I am very happy with just using one app (Alfred) to do mos
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