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  1. Hi @Adrian00, I am having a similar experience. It worked on Mojave and without the "Uninteligent" setting for me. Now on Catalina it's no longer working. I hope there will be an update sometime to support the new filesystem structure of Catalina soon and that this will also fix the issues with the Google File Stream system.
  2. Very cool. I recently started doing more with video and photography. Keeping this in Alfred has helped me tremendously while trying to maintain certain aspect ratios with different pixel numbers. Thank you, Matthew, for creating this so many years ago — and it still works 💪.
  3. I use the web searches a lot and sometimes there are variations of things so I create multiple of similar entries. I find myself doing this every so often and it's a bit tedious to manually copy and paste the icon and all the other fields. Maybe we could get a "Right Click + Duplicate"? That'd be great.
  4. This seems to be duplicated in the following forum post. I'd love to see the Rich Text support for the clipboard history as well. Hope that it is coming someday ?.
  5. I'd love to see Rich Text in the Clipboard History. Especially with a combination of "Paste as Rich Text" and "Paste as Plain Text" (default definable by the user in the Clipboard History settings. Rich Text support for the Snippets is also something I'd be looking forward to. Personally much more rarely used. The Rich text in Clipboard HIstory though ... it's huge. I always have to use a "Text Edit" file as my rich text clipboard history ?. PS. I know that other clipboard histories support this, but I am very happy with just using one app (Alfred) to do most of these things. #NoExtraBackgroundProcesses
  6. Thanks for the hard work. It's really strange how the different betas fix certain things and then they break them, and then it's fixed again. ? for the future betas ?.
  7. I didn't know that they were that closely related. Thank you for looking into it. It's definitely something that's very annoying at the moment (and of course something to be expected by using a beta operating system). Fingers crossed for a solution to be found soon - and for Apple to get it's stuff together again as well. Cheers for making this awesome thing. I'm a big fan.
  8. .I've been using the new beta for some time. With the latest update (version stated below), the workflows that work with selected text in macOS aren't receiving that text any more (or the shortcut is not working at all - as stated in the other ticket). However some workflows get triggered, they just don't receive the selected text. I have both the Alfred 3.app as well as the Text Service in the Privacy Settings. But it's having no effect. Crossing my fingers for an update on this soon ?. So many helpful workflows that are stuck in no man's land ?. Alfred 3.6.2 Build 922 macOS Mojave Version 10.14 Beta Build 18a336e
  9. I'm looking forward to an update on this subject. I'm experiencing the same problems as described by everybody (and also tried all the fixes). Hoping for an update soon (from Apple and the Alfred Team) ?. Alfred 3.6.2 Build 922 macOS Mojave Version 10.14 Beta Build 18A336e
  10. I have the same experience with a lot of workflows. Strangely not all of them. But many aren't working at all. Alfred 3.6.2 Build 922 macOS Mojave Version 10.14 Beta Build 18A336e
  11. Sadly for me, it's not fixed. I'm still experiencing the same issue. Alfred 3.6.2 Build 922 macOS Mojave Version 10.14 Beta Build 18A336e
  12. I'm also experiencing this issue. Alfred 3.6.2 Build 922 macOS Mojave Version 10.14 Beta Build 18A336e
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